“An adventure
lasting four generations”.

From father to son, the tradition of liqueur
transformation starts, develops and grows thanks
to a single inherited ingredient: passion.


Back in 1899, Antonio Russo founded one of the first distilleries in Campania; his son Gennaro embraced and learned the trade specializing in the transformation of liqueurs.

In turn, his son Maurizio re-evaluated the famous art of infuses, creating Elisir di Limone®, the original Limoncello according to the traditional recipe made with Amalfi Coast lemon peels, doing so taking his brand to international level.

Maurizio Russo’s legacy is the craft and passion he left to his sons, Gianluca and Massimiliano, who still today, with the skills of the old distillers, gather the thousands flavors of the most secret of family recipes, treasuring them to hand down to new generations.

This strong and fascinating family, with its centuries-old experience, is constantly changing, always searching for new ideas to seduce the palates of enthusiasts of genuine taste.